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Alan on location with Red; January, 2006

Alan E. Ray, owner/photographer, sold his first photograph in the late seventies. He often says he was so young when he started taking pictures, his parents had to hold the camera for him. He graduated high school, went to college for a couple of years (to be a biology teacher) and worked as a manager in retail. All the while, he was taking pictures for friends, photographing weddings, sports etc.

Though never actually going “to school” to learn photography, the “on the job training” has been the best diploma.

Since the evolution of the digital world, Alan has attended many seminars and taken more classes than he had in all other combined years of photography. He is still learning daily and still mastering the art of professional photography.

Alan's family photograph; February, 2005

Alan is husband to Karen, father to 3 and Pop-Pop to 6 (check out the family photo taken a few years ago, and the grandson). Yep, there's at least one in every family!!

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